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Post by $Andre$ on Sun Jul 29, 2018 12:13 pm

Families & Gangs Informations Center (PG:RP)


Please do understand this sections is still under construction and is subject to change. The PG:RP Families & Gangs is one of the important sections for us, therefore this section has been made to make our players more easier for finding out Families & Gangs infos. With this Informations Center, hopefully JG:RP players do know how to make either a family or gang. Also the PG:RP helps you out to bring your faction up to the next level for OFFICIAL. The  PG:RP has been vitally important in enabling greater understanding of the changes in the JG:RP community, families, and gangs. Indeed, it is a unique body in the Roleplay server. The  PG:RP  is always very grateful for any players to support the server by creating a new roleplay ideas.

I do hope that you engage with the server as a family member or gang member. It provides an excellent environment for valuable and helpful informations between those creating mafias, clubs and others, and with the other faction. It works with some of the leading factions, departments and practitioners in game, and its function ensures that many contemporary issues are carefully examined and analysed, and seeking clear practical outcomes for its benefit. It also encourages our new members. If you found something incorrect or needs to be fixed please contact our Head of Faction Admin through PM, he will gladly answer your queries.
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